Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Dance, dance, dance, dance
We got strong yes we got strong
~ Red Hot Chili Peppers
Well, now. Here we are!

And where are we, exactly?

Our Daughter of Fire sits on the sturdy bough of Witch Hazel, seeing if maybe she could climb a little higher. Witch Hazel is one of those under-story trees and doesn't grow all that tall, but that doesn't matter. What does matter is the powerful stuff Witch Hazel can do. And that, my friends, is what our Daughter of Fire is really measuring up. How much power can she handle? Can she manage it effectively? Is she able to delegate some of it? It is the sort of measuring up that is a dance ~ one step here, another step there, and maybe a shimmy if necessary.


For today, my dears, take a closer look at what you're governing. What can you handle today? Can you manage it effectively? Do you need to delegate? Try not to let anything new or out of the blue throw you. It's just another thing in the mix and, despite uncertainty, it's manageable as long as you can shift other things around a bit. And that's your superpower today. With a magic Witch Hazel wand (and some nifty dance moves) you can pretty much make anything happen.

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