Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Orly Avineri's deck.
This past winter, I procured a deck of Orly Avineri's The (art) Journaling Game. I've been enjoying the rich imagery and delicious prompts these past two weeks. (This deck inspired me to create my own Tarot.)
Today I got to burn holes.

Sometimes, I like to include the snippet of a conversation into what I'm doing. I thought of writing, It's not always going to be like this. A string of words that apply to transient situations. There won't always be grueling Calculus homework. It won't always be so difficult to navigate college. Life won't always be so bright. It's a statement that defines both times of ease and challenge.

But then, I heard this song too many times this morning . . .

This spread started with one thought, but then another emerged.
(Words shamelessly borrowed from Grace Vanderwaal.)

My mother and grandmother in 1962 with sanded stitches.

Some rips went through to the other side.

Another copy at the edge.

For the love of linen thread.

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