Saturday, September 03, 2016


I enter online communities with no expectations. Metamorph, hosted by Erin Faith Allen, has had me hugging the edges of my creativity. And I certainly did not expect that. I'm not a selfie person. Not that I haven't indulged in the occasional Instagram selfie or painted my own portrait or used images of myself in other pieces. It's just not my usual focus ~ if there's any focus at all.

We are in the second month of this community, moving deeply into another aspect of self using self portrait as source. The Android has been doing most of the work photographing and then manipulating images with Fragment or Prisma or Pixlr. Then I paint or draw from those printed images. Over painted pages. Over letters to myself. Over and over.

So. Now I'm a Selfie Person. Go figure.

Images from the first month's offering.

A letter.

Playing with Stabilo and spray inks.

Drawings on scraps and pages pieced together.

Selfie source material.

Fun fragmentation.

Odd views of me.

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