Friday, September 16, 2016


Which is the opposite of this.

A long time ago, in Photography 101, I did some old fashioned photography developing that involved creating contact sheets. Negatives laid directly on photosensitive paper under glass and exposed to light resulted in tiny photos. From these, one would hunch over with a loop to find the best photos out of the bunch for further, larger developing. Digital has done away with all that. It's cute my printer functions include creating a "contact" sheet, but I can usually see everything long before I choose to print it. The other function on my printer I like to employ is the wallet-sized photo option which makes it look like a contact sheet only larger. And that was my fun for today.

Turn the page. Start another. And that's the momentum. I'm on this crazy course of continuation. While three bags full of fleece wait to be cleaned and carded. While knitting projects are waiting to manifest. While dishes soak. While the laundry becomes a mountain.

No arresto momentum here, by golly.

My mother would have been 68 today. Now she's art and memories.

Middle of nowhere.
It's not my fault you're lost.

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