Thursday, September 22, 2016


A labyrinth is something I'd always wanted to create when these two feet landed on a piece of earth we could call our own. That creation took many years because I'd been operating under the erroneous idea that one needed flat, clear land to make the perfect seven-circuit layout. A photo from Beth Owl's Daughter's blog gave inspiration in another direction. And so we built our own in a small patch of naturally semi-cleared woods.

As I walked our rugged labyrinth with equinox offerings in hand, I thought of the things I like about its imperfections. The walk ways aren't perfectly spaced. Life feels tight sometimes. Expansive at others. There are acorn tops under bare feet that stick and hurt. Better to pay attention. Roots and stumps and holes come across the pathway. Ain't that just like Life to trip you up sometimes? Step over, step around, work with it as best you can. Trees are included for hugging. Isn't it good to know you're not always alone? Parts of the labyrinth are uphill. Other parts downhill. An easy metaphor.

Then when at the center, leave a little something. An apple, a shot of whiskey, a thought, a dream, a tear. The route to Return holds similar joys and perils. No one said it would be easy, but you've certainly came out with more than when you went in.

Photos from the labyrinth playfully manipulated with Prisma on Android.

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Ashling said...

This is a magickal post...truth told in poetry, taking us along on your journey.