Tuesday, August 09, 2016


What is the work of this God?
Painting. Filling pages with no reason other than to fill them.
It's different from working on canvas or wall or masonite or whatever.
The art is "put away" when the sketchbook/journal is closed.
Then it is fresh again when opened.
I lost/found myself in an old hardcover sketchbook bought years ago and hardly used.
It's taken about a month or so, but now every page is filled with paint, pencil, crayon, pastel, and ink.
And when I dove into Metamorph after a week of its going live, I found it to be the perfect sketchbook for this work ~ like I'm half-way there.
The photos below are only a few of the spreads done, but I took pictures of the whole sketchbook. The first two are from the Metamorph exercises for this month.
Sometimes, I enjoy simply turning the pages, seeing the images and shapes and colors and lines ~ as if I didn't make them, as if they aren't mine.
Then I wonder how one might have a showing of art journals in a gallery where the viewer is allowed to turn the pages themselves without damaging or wearing out the work.
Or maybe making that action part of the art.


Ashling said...

There must be a way to do an exhibit with art journals. To start with, people would need to wear gloves, I think...but how to protect the pages? Unless that too became part of the exhibit: a well-loved book usually has dog-eared corners, or minor tears, so perhaps the attention paid to the journals becomes an enhancement of the work itself. If you figure it out, let me know! I'd for sure travel to your neck of the woods for that.

Mandy said...

I BELIEVE in this sort of gallery showing. Oh do I believe.