Friday, July 15, 2016

monkey tasking

It's past midsummer. Time is random. There are no schedules. The music in the studio is loud and raucous (Hello, Kid Rock.) The nights are deep and sultry, like velvet. Days drip and drizzle into weeks into lost months. A layer of paint is laid down and while that dries, wool gets carded. The timer chimes telling me to rinse another batch of soaking wool (or the carder goes hungry). And when will I actually have time to spin? Autumn? Winter? Meanwhile, back at the painting, another layer is added and I start all over again . . . drying paint, carding wool, washing wool, rinse and repeat. Dog days on the way.

Bennie working on her summer vacation.

Paint smearing and drippy Stabilo pencil marks.

Finishing a skull.

Playing with Camera Craft.

Still playing with Camera Craft.

Another page, more copper paint.

After the wool rinse, another page iron oxide, interference red, and Stabilo pencil.

Some quick icad 2016.
Play on words. Get it?

And one must have poetry under the summer sun (with an umbrella, of course).

Then there is always time at the lake.