Sunday, April 24, 2016


Today's darkened pages.
So. Journal reconstruction continues in a meandering fashion. Pages are painted or collaged in between other activities. Put on some laundry; lay down some black gesso. Do the dishes; spray some sparkly ink. Feed the chickens; spread some acrylic. Singsong movements. 

Another random pull in the old journal pile brought me to 1998 ~ the year of my daughter's birth, a year fraught with this and that, getting things done with little to no resources. How I felt about it all. Bleh. Yes. These can go. The actual date of my daughter's birth wasn't recorded. I was in the hospital and navigating the parenthood of three children. Time was rarely on my side. Not that I feel resentment ~ I'm neither here nor there about it. Just the facts, ma'am.

Most of these pages are going dark with black gesso. Which is too dark for future writing or sketching unless using white or metallic pens. Add some white acrylic spray or a smear of lighter acrylic (the cheap stuff) and one has a workable surface. I've taken to sketching on some of the pages in another journal. Simple black line stuff. I'm playing. I'm making mistakes. I don't care if what I draw sucks that day or not.

What matters is the action of sketching ~ I'm doing it.

A spinning wheel study.

A cooperative rooster.

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Ashling Kelly said...

I remember good snippets of '98...I remember a thriving circle at that time, and Bennie being born, and things changing all around, as life is apt to do. What a gift for you to be able to re-visit; what courage to then truly move on and create anew. And yes, the act of sketching matters (and I am loving seeing those sketches when you post them)!