Wednesday, March 09, 2016

finishing up

A lot of what I do looks like I'm doing nothing. I mean, I take care of the Everyday. Feed the flocks if the Man isn't home to do it on some mornings. The dishes get done. So does laundry. Dinner gets cooked. I'm not too crazy about housecleaning so the spiders have a pretty good life here until the cobwebs reach a point even I can't stand. And if I'm in the office managing paperwork, it isn't for too long. Before I know it, the day ends and I'm deep in prime time TV and knitting or spinning or personal studies of some sort.

The rhetorical query: Where does the time go?

I paint or write or create something. The action is beneath the surface. On the exterior, it looks like I'm Doing Nothing. Small projects reached critical mass and it felt important to get them done. Done. Not perfect. Which they are not, but then completion has its own sort of perfection.

Completed Item #1: this mega-journal I started in 2013

Completed Item #2: a self portrait on 36" x 36" canvas

Detail of Item #2: fun with drips and drizzles

Completed Item #3: this odd little triptych of a blue sunrise