Monday, February 22, 2016

the mess

The desk has been in this condition for weeks. I'm in this place of bewildered groundedness. Pushing and moving paint with plastic cards, stamping with bubble wrap, gluing painted bits of this and that on pages. Now that the journal collection is gone or in some form of becoming something else, I'm still not sure what to do with myself. I still like to write ~ mentioned that in another post. Write anyway. I was offered an idea: work with the Wheel of the Year and plan Burning Times. It gives me time to pause, look through (not pore over, but skim) what's been written, and then release it. The time frame becomes a container ~ one I can work with, cycles I know, but have left to the wayside. My cells know the Cross Quarters, so why not?

And so, again, I continue to write with abandon. Wild abandon.

However, I have this mega-journal. It is one I've been working with for three years . . . ? I'm not entirely sure and looking at the first page now would mean moving not only the book, but all the paint presently holding down some glued items. I'll stick with three. It is a book I'd bound for one of Effy's BOD courses for that year. The intention was to fill it that year, but it didn't work out that way. Which is fine. Well, until now. Now I'm keen on finishing it. There is another hand bound edition waiting in the wings and it is time to put this one to bed. I suspect my art journal practice is finding a new course and I want to get on to that path as soon as possible with some sense of completion. It's a little like that When Harry Met Sally line ~ when a certain realization hits, you want to get started on it as soon as possible.

Thus, the messy work table. Laden with paints, papers, glue, pens, bubble wrap, and the mega-journal.

I'm almost done. There will be more to paint soon enough. This large book, though, will be complete.