Sunday, November 29, 2015


Our day began with lighting the first candle of Solstice Advent; that light of Stones and Bones as borrowed from a
Waldorf School prayer and this article.

It was not a day of getting right to creating in the studio. There were some things to manage outside awhile, a little yard maintenance, and the getting of some sun on one's face. Then there was the baking of quick breads using left over mashed pumpkin and sweet potato. I'm ignoring the turkey; we are not on good terms right now.
And so during a bout of Football Tourette's, I started some simple work. Glue stick and fancy tape.
(Photo sent to me by Mindy Tsonas.)

Green and blue spread with a plastic card . . .

A borrowed sunrise and this morning's Instagram image . . .
(Sunrise photo by Hope Fitzgerald. Sometimes, I need someone else's sunrise.)

It is so very nice finding a table-top easel sweet and cheap! It makes the forays into drips and dribbles quite accessible. Bubble-wrap stamping, white acrylic spray, and a little iron oxide.

Top and side edges finished with some cheap Cotton Candy acrylic paint.

Mindy's handwriting finished in gold.

A close peek at the Cotton Candy sparkle paint dots.

When the sun goes over that western mountain, it is my turn for Vigil, lighting the Flame for Brighid.
I am an honored hostess from sun down to sun down.

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Ashling said...

What a perfectly sacred day....