Thursday, November 19, 2015


This past summer, I'd signed on for Mindy Tsona's Inner Alchemy Fire Coven card making activities. Because I love doing more of the same stuff, I'd also signed on for the Earth Coven. Initially, the plan was to create the Earth Coven cards the same way as the Fire Coven cards. (And how many times can I use the word coven in a paragraph?) However, another distinct direction emerged. The backgrounds begged for deep umbers, siennas and pinks. The words wanted a different font. And use glue stick instead of Mod Podge. Okay then.

My Fire Coven cards complete and Earth Coven cards in progress.
The neighbor of 16 years (count 'em ~ includes a few Leap Years, I'm sure) has sold his house and moved. There is, again, a distinct difference between a house standing with no one at home for awhile and a house that is simply empty. Looking across the road to an empty house is an odd sensation. Then there is the wondering of what the new neighbors will be like. One of my dogs is confused by the lack of dog she used to spend her days barking at. Her nemesis is gone. There is no reason to go pee on the neighbor's lawn. Territory. It's a bitch.

Crystal and her stuffed raccoon.
(Actually, it's Tricksy Bean the Ferret's toy, but Crystal steals it any chance she gets.)
Bumbling around in the studio, looking to bump into a bit of inspiration, I turn to some empty pages in the mega-journal. Green tape, gesso, spray ink, orange-blob-smear. And where's that two-inch hole punch? Bleh. Done.

And then I write and write and write . . . continuity.

Green tape and gesso . . .

ink spray and orange acrylic . . .

splotch (it's an Art Term) . . .

(Now it sounds like something out of Batman.)

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