Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Everyone's blank page is different.
Challenge or opportunity.

So I play with the blank ambiguity.
While the gesso dries, I play with a languishing canvas . . .

layers of interference colors and black ~ just add water.
This might sit another week though.

Meanwhile, back at the pages, drips and daubs.

Layer on the Lemon Yellow.
(And this is when the pages come apart from the book from so much water. A quick repair with masking tape on the other side. It also means the previous spread has been compromised. The hazards of art journal creation.)

Taking in the winter view from the studio while paint dries again.

Golden Yellow dots . . .

a bronzed edge . . .

texture created with stencil and gel medium . . .

Hawaii Blue . . .

and, finally, drips of Red Iron Oxide and orange.
I try not to worry about beginning too much.
It's the work in between that can seem daunting.

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