Sunday, October 25, 2015


It is, perhaps, not the correct action to write a blog post when being "unplugged." Do it anyway. Here's the thing: It's important to unplug, disengage, find something else to do other than check e-mails or the daunting Facebook feed or other blogs for that matter. Playing with paint and paper helps, but the computer is still too dangerously close. Setting aside the Android and laptop is easier done when I'm gathering my wool. Cleaning and carding, getting it ready for spinning. It is an activity that can be done if (gods forbid) the power went out. Well, not so much the cleaning. Hot water is a necessity when cleaning excess lanolin and dirt from sheep's wool ~ waiting for it to boil on the gas range makes it an all-day affair, inducing all manner of grapefruit spoon eye gouging fantasies. But beyond that, electricity isn't needed to card and then spin the cleaned wool. Pretty lo-tech.

So. I let my mind dance between complete mindfulness and random thoughts as I card wool. Truth be told, though I love spinning wool, it's meditative quality of repetitive movement, carding it is dead boring. Which is good, I guess. We've lost the ability to be bored in this hi-tech society. In fact, we do whatever we can to avoid boredom at any cost. Time spent carding in the afternoon gives me ample wool to spin during the prime time TV hours ~ enough to spin during Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or The Blacklist or Sleepy Hollow. If the power is out, I can ride the rhythm of treadling as the wheel spins ~ a woolly shaman of sorts.

And then I actually got outside for a little while to collect eggs and take a walk to the lake. Serene beauty!
A spread layered with paints . . .

creating a shiny, rusted landscape . . .

a little crackled paint technique using tacky glue . . .

Interference Orange and Blue Sky dots . . .

magenta and black.
I'm not sure what to do with these pages.
I wrote on them. It seemed to be Enough.

Delicious carded wool in my unplugged moments.

Summer gone and so is the Backyard Oasis.
Gather the chairs for time at the chiminea instead.

And the garden is tired. She's ready to go to bed.


Ashling said...

"Moon Over the Mountain Garden". Perfect!!! Do you grow any night-blooming flowers?

Dawn Zichko said...

Only one Datura plant.