Tuesday, October 20, 2015

ancestor worship

This spread was actually started last week.
With the setting up of decorations and altars and enduring colds, the pages were worked in fits and starts.
The start here is gesso brushed on and splattered.
Drying time was spent in a cozy spot binge watching The Fall and snuffling with tissues.

Various ink sprays added at this juncture.
Then back to the cocoon.

I wanted to do a gel medium image transfer for these pages. It required a flip through an old family album, flopping the image in Photoshop (making me a flip flopper), spreading the medium and then letting the image set.
This meant more delicious drying time and continued binge watching of The Fall.

The next day, I got around to the careful peeling process . . .

The thing with gel medium image transfers is their unpredictability. One is not always certain how the image is going to set into the medium even with the best of conditions. It's what I enjoy about this process ~ it's always a surprise.

Though the face in this image is faint, ghostly, it's fine . . .

What really drew me to this picture was the pattern of her dress, the curve of her waist and arm and those elements
came out clearly.
Perhaps the medium intuited my preference?

An enlarged and cut out copy of the photo was added,

with yet another copy at the original size and graduated circles from a drafting circle template.
What can you find in your old family albums?

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