Saturday, September 05, 2015

woolly autumn

Cleaned wool waiting to be carded.
The leaves are still green. Things are still growing in the garden. (Well. Just barely. We grow rocks.) There is, however, that feel of an impending seasonal shift ~ one mentioned ad nauseum around this time. Which is good. It's good to remember that summer comes to an end, that the trees are tired and this part of the earth is ready to rest.

It is also a time when my activities turn toward fireside creativity, mainly spinning and knitting. I don't do so much of that in summer. It's too hot to play with wool. My fingers dig deep into lanolin-filled fleeces, skirting and separating, scouring and setting out to dry. I leave a little of the lanolin in for good hand while spinning. The work of carding is meditative and grounding. Spinning on the wheel more deeply so. There are times I pull out a small bit of roving of something special like alpaca, angora or camel and use the drop spindle which begs a little more attention.

Plying singles.
I spin wool for the sake of spinning and rarely with a pattern in mind. I'll cruise Ravelry or Knitty and see if I can match my wool with a pattern I like.

Art still gets done in the studio, but the pull to autumnal craftiness is strong and I'm eager for the feel of fiber on my fingers. So I follow the bliss.

Journal pages still get done.

Time spent at the lake is time well spent.