Wednesday, August 12, 2015

the hazards of collage art

The paper and ephemera bin.
I chuckle when some activity suggests the collecting of collage fodder. The suggestion is most likely aimed at those who have not ever engaged in collage art before. However, as an artist, I've an idea we are inherent image hoarders ~ magazines, bits of pretty paper, ticket stubs, ephemera, images gleaned from online searches. All saved even if not used for art. Or it's saved for use in art someday down the road. That way madness lies.

Recently, my daughter and I went through three large boxes of magazines spilling over the top and purged the lot down to NatGeo magazines only. (That's a lie. There's a Vanity Fair or two in the pile.) Several bags of recycling were left for collection. Oh, happy day for the sanitation worker! More importantly, I got some real estate back in the studio space.

As much as I save, I toss. The dangers of storing magazines and papers become monumental otherwise. I've a loose storage system for nearly all items. A bin for papers and images, a pile of ongoing leftover paint papers and, of course, the pile of said NatGeo magazines. That is it. When any of these piles gets unruly or demands more space than I've allotted, it's time for the purge.
The leftover paint paper pile.
Hmmm . . . this might need a going-through.

These tiny practices keep the studio neater and my sanity intact. And while I'm at it, Teesha Moore is a fun collage artist to check out. You can find her here and at Etsy.

The ubiquitous National Geographic magazine pile.
(All gleaned from various waiting rooms.)

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Ashling said...

Wow--wild applause for your self-discipline!