Tuesday, August 11, 2015

hello, it's me

This is how time flies in the blogosphere: guilt about not blogging. I don't have a huge readership and that's fine. I was never about the hard sell. If you come by and enjoy what you see and read, I'm honored and appreciate your time. Writing crap is the thing that keeps me from coming here to write anything. I'm not into the vulnerability craze of sharing everything in my life. I feel it's an imposition on the world to discuss my private affairs. I have good friends for a reason (and bless their boots for listening to me). I don't sell my art. It's personal and process ~ even here, you only get to see what I'll allow you to see (because, again, I don't want to impose upon you, Dear Reader). And lately, I've been hearing how Facebook is being a butt (in my daughter's vernacular) so I'm not plugging this blog there anymore. I'll trust the posts will be found when they're meant to be and leave it at that.

So. I've cleaned house, so to speak. What now? Here's what I won't do: make any grandiloquent declarations of blogging everyday. It just won't happen ~ not for the long haul so I won't start now only to disappoint myself later. I won't bug people about coming to the blog (refer to note about FB above). You're busy. I'll see you when I see you. I won't teach you something unless it happens by accident. I won't sell you anything ~ even my art. There are other places for that.

What I might do here is share my creativity in whatever form that takes ~ painting, knitting, spinning, cooking, meditations, musings, videography and photography. I might ask you to check something out. You have the option to click or not.

Why bother even going into all this? I don't know. I do know nothing irks me more than ranting declarations on Facebook about leaving Facebook or a whole lot of explanation why a blog is going to take a different course or blog promises of any sort. However, I wanted to write something, some vague explanation, even if only for myself. And so enough of that.

Here is what I made today . . .

This spread was quick-fire created sliding layers of paint and images together. I used a dryer in between the layers so I wouldn't end up with mud. The pictures had been sitting on my work table printed out for a long time so putting them to use here felt right. The last layer of paint added was white creating a hazy, homogeneous background for future writing if any.
A journal spread using an old credit card and cheap craft paint (the stuff pre-mixed in those little bottles) and a succession of Diana app photos created from my phone's photo gallery Andy Warhol style.

Part of this process is a coming home to self, emerging from the on-line courses I signed on for, trying to find my creative feet again. It's an internal dialog.

Curling edges of the pictures were ripped away.
How can I make this surface smooth enough for writing without losing textural interest? Not matte medium again. Sandpaper!

And then I sanded the whole thing with 100 grit sandpaper.
What can I do to keep the initial spark going? Nothing is precious.

It's a conversation.

And then I write all over it.

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Ashling said...

Intended or not, you often teach me something.....