Friday, May 22, 2015


Yesterday, the edges were jagged and worrisome. Sometimes, creating art which reflects just that is the ticket ~ bold colors, scumbled black lines, the surface scratched, a lot of red. I felt drawn to soothe myself instead with, for me, an unlikely color: Pink. And plenty of it.

Pink craft acrylics, brush strokes edged in copper and buff.
Soft, swirling comfort.
The pinkness didn't take care of all the bothers, but it did give me a soft, warm place to wander in. Painting the Feminine offered (only once a year) by Connie Solera at Dirty Footprints Studio has been my guiding light in this exploration.

Today, I felt golden . . .

Acrylics and Stabilo All pencil, finger prints edged in gold.
Bright, shiny groundedness.

especially after a walk in the woods.

We started to decompress right about here after crossing the dam.

Civilized life across the lake. No docks and diving boards on this side.

We decided not to go up the mountain today. No trail mix, no water.
Besides, we had tea waiting.

Breathing in the trees.

Big tree holding the mountain.

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