Wednesday, May 20, 2015

not all memories are mine

Something shifts when I've finally gotten around to and completing a project I've been intending to do for weeks. This morning, I was awakened by the realization of not setting an alarm early. The Man was a little late getting out the door, but nothing tragic. Once the initial adrenaline rush wore off, I was planning a mid-morning nap . . .

Well. Maybe I'll try to get a few things done first, I thought.

And so I did. Once done, I felt complete, lighter and, certainly, more awake.

What I like about video clipping as I paint is how I have to think on my feet. I don't plan these artistic excursions in advance. Oh, I've an idea what I want to include in the way of photos and ephemera (if that's what the page wants), but beyond that it's a Cosmic Crap-shoot. I find myself working efficiently, avoiding time-consuming actions and materials. If something is putting me to sleep while editing, I speed it up a little. Thanks to a few videography tips from my cousin, I've pretty much ditched the music and rather like the ambient sounds of me working on a spread.

More importantly, I am enjoying the shift of energy in a minor accomplishment ~ there is something in that.

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