Saturday, May 30, 2015

opus 15 1/2

So very, very long ago, my college art class went on a trip to Opus 40 in Saugerties, New York, where Harvey Fite's most incredible land sculpture ever experienced lives. One doesn't just go to see Opus 40 ~ it is a full sensory experience, walking the bluestone alleys, stepping along stones that spiral around, up and down. Fite's sculpture may have been the catalyst for my love of rocks and moving them around. Now that I've spent the past few days hauling rocks around, I think I'd like to make a summer day trip to see Opus 40 again with a camera and sketchbook, of course.

But wait: hauling rocks? What have you been doing, Dawn? 

It had been a long-time vision to create a labyrinth, but it was on hold because I thought I'd need open clear space until I saw this . . .

Beth Owl's Daughter's photo can be found here.

Then the gears began to turn and the Earth gnomes shook the dirt off their pointy red hats as I started to Look.

A few days ago, I saw the space, the perfect space ~ open enough to walk, yet including a stump, a few large rocks and a tree or two. Bennie and I began clearing the area one hot afternoon and laid out the Seed pattern for a seven-circuit labyrinth. This labyrinth configuration is a favorite one as it reminds me of a brain and seems a natural design in a wooded setting.

Hauling rocks for two women isn't an easy task, even if it is a labor of love. (I'm lucky to have a Virgo daughter who doesn't mind hard work and getting dirty, especially if it's in service to the land.) So a little at a time has been done in the past week. The progress is quite satisfying. Hopefully, it won't take 37 years to realize the vision.

Facing West, doorway in the East.

Facing North. Three more circuits to go.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

the boys are home

Small challenges in an in-home studio. Domestic life crashes the party sometimes.

Friday, May 22, 2015


Yesterday, the edges were jagged and worrisome. Sometimes, creating art which reflects just that is the ticket ~ bold colors, scumbled black lines, the surface scratched, a lot of red. I felt drawn to soothe myself instead with, for me, an unlikely color: Pink. And plenty of it.

Pink craft acrylics, brush strokes edged in copper and buff.
Soft, swirling comfort.
The pinkness didn't take care of all the bothers, but it did give me a soft, warm place to wander in. Painting the Feminine offered (only once a year) by Connie Solera at Dirty Footprints Studio has been my guiding light in this exploration.

Today, I felt golden . . .

Acrylics and Stabilo All pencil, finger prints edged in gold.
Bright, shiny groundedness.

especially after a walk in the woods.

We started to decompress right about here after crossing the dam.

Civilized life across the lake. No docks and diving boards on this side.

We decided not to go up the mountain today. No trail mix, no water.
Besides, we had tea waiting.

Breathing in the trees.

Big tree holding the mountain.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

not all memories are mine

Something shifts when I've finally gotten around to and completing a project I've been intending to do for weeks. This morning, I was awakened by the realization of not setting an alarm early. The Man was a little late getting out the door, but nothing tragic. Once the initial adrenaline rush wore off, I was planning a mid-morning nap . . .

Well. Maybe I'll try to get a few things done first, I thought.

And so I did. Once done, I felt complete, lighter and, certainly, more awake.

What I like about video clipping as I paint is how I have to think on my feet. I don't plan these artistic excursions in advance. Oh, I've an idea what I want to include in the way of photos and ephemera (if that's what the page wants), but beyond that it's a Cosmic Crap-shoot. I find myself working efficiently, avoiding time-consuming actions and materials. If something is putting me to sleep while editing, I speed it up a little. Thanks to a few videography tips from my cousin, I've pretty much ditched the music and rather like the ambient sounds of me working on a spread.

More importantly, I am enjoying the shift of energy in a minor accomplishment ~ there is something in that.

Saturday, May 02, 2015

spiral writing

And the fun never ends! Cleaning cages, moving roosters and then chicks . . .
So good to take a sweet moment to notice.

Friday, May 01, 2015

the dog barks

Today was the day I decided to dive in. Just make a video. Keep it simple. Keep it raw. Not much talking or explaining ~ a sort of Andy Warhol thing. The Flip didn't cooperate. No matter. It recorded most of the action before the batteries died. Recording a video in this way quelled the anxiety of making it perfect or polished or slick. Didn't even add music. It was just me and the dog and one son passing through seeking an explanation of my activities. I like it this way. I think it's me.