Friday, April 17, 2015

inner workings

There has finally been a shift. A syncing in with the season of my place ~ finally my spring time. We have a habit here, my Little Family. We nap in the afternoon, after school, and now after a walk in the woods. Winter naps are different from these late spring naps. Winter naps call for a sort of coziness, blankets and socks, hot tea ~ you can skip the walk in the ice and snow. Spring time naps are lighter, still calling for a cuppa and the coziness has a different flavor. My children aren't young anymore. We discussed college planning for the youngest at school today, in fact. Another shift.

But this shift into spring, mentally, emotionally, spiritually has come with a few changes. Some challenging who I am. Some that had me standing my ground and making my own decisions, many of which were not popular. Yet they were mine called out in my own space, my own boundaries. And now I stand with surer footing than even a week ago. Once the dust settled, I felt lighter, wildish, connected, in possession . . . making the walk in the woods holier, more sacred. Trees and rocks in a delightful springtime hum.

I walk with Wolf's feet tenderly over moss and stone. No one can take that from me. For now it is Spring.

A simple journal spread in progress (because there's more than one day in a week) with gesso, spray inks, stencils by Orly Avineri, dripped acrylic inks and some writing on vellum, flipped over.

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