Monday, April 20, 2015

in progress

My creative progress is matching the local weather today. It is windy, rainy and, in general, soggy. I'm trying to give some attention to JourneyCircles, but the work desk is taken over by the mega-journal. A painting is languishing on the easel (and the only reason it's there is because Bennie allowed me some space so I could clean the floors in the studio ~ she has two paintings in progress). It isn't that I'm not motivated, I am. In a windy, whirling sort of fashion. Paperwork has been whipped through, Recordings have been listened to. A journal spread which should work for me over the next few days has been slap-dashed together. For the moment, the painting will have to wait a little longer. It seems to require a somewhat settled and focused mind ~ I'm not there yet. So that is where I will stop and until my internal weather forecast shifts.

And I need a nap.

P.I.P. ~ painting in progress 

Splotch and paste in the art journal.

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