Friday, March 13, 2015


Daylight Savings Time annoys me annually to no end. Yes, there are energy-saving, daylight-usage benefits, but that doesn't negate the shifting exhaustion felt throughout the household adjusting to "springing" forward. I could easily nap now. However, in an effort to save naps for the usual 3:00pm slot, it's necessary to keep myself busy in any way possible. Spring Cleaning has ground to a halt thanks to some shifting schedule changes and the occasional house guest. It's my hope to pick up that thread this weekend and complete the job in time for Equinox. I rather wish the May Queen were here to help out. And so I continue to procraftinate . . .

The day begins with a brew (Darjeeling this morning).

The Mother Goose three bags full of cleaned fleece is waiting to be spun.
One is a black Icelandic, the other two Romney.
Now that I have Bennie spinning on the Millie, much spinning can get done!

There are, however, these fleeces that have yet to be cleaned.

In the meantime, I've been playing with videography.
Another one of my Self-Taught forays in creativity.

The notebook for Sisterhood of the Bones has been suitably outfitted with some art.

I am giddy with the receipt of these facilitator training materials offered by Cat Caracelo!
When this is all done, I'll be certified in JourneyCircles facilitation.

The mega-journal is still in progress (I started this tome in May of 2013).

And there is, of course, Bennie's burgeoning pile of creativity.

Bennie also has this waste-oil paint canvas going on.

My VisionQuest 2015 altar has a few more pieces on it.

Creativity does not stop in the studio!
A pot of paper is steeping in tea for some antiqueing.