Wednesday, January 14, 2015

"love is the ultimate goal"

Standing in awe . . .
The title is a quote from Orly Avineri as featured in Erin Faith Allen's film series Artmaker Soulshaker. It is rare for me to be so moved by thirteen minutes of audiovisual, so moved it causes me to create with tears and smiles. Yes. I want to copy what Orly does, but I can't really because I'm not Orly. I'm me. It's easy to think that by adding bones and black paint to an image it becomes Dark or, perhaps better words, powerful, visceral. What is powerful and visceral to Orly might not be the same to me or you or anyone else. My cells drink in black paint, its depth and emptiness, but in a different way from anyone else. That interaction with this color and medium is mine and mine alone. While I enjoy a well-turned femur as much as the next artist, what really spins the gears is drawing my left hand. It is a miracle, this tool of the human body, how it moves and holds and caresses, creates and destroys. There's bones in there too, by golly, so I guess that counts.

The thing is to spend enough time with one's self to discover what makes that viscera dance. What catches you? What pulls at the strands of your hair demanding attention? Can you stand in that moment, be in awe, be amazed? Can you create from that?

And, yes, love is the ultimate goal.

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