Sunday, January 11, 2015

let the art lead

I'm not resolute about much ~ so no resolutions and even fewer plans. String my days together like pearls on silk. Anyway, one thing I am keeping in place is the discipline of Art. Sketch while waiting for service (there are now several salt shaker and utensil pen sketches in my traveling Moleskine). Sketch while waiting in waiting rooms (and again, there are many sketches of my feet shod or unshod depending on the season). Do something ~ paint, collage, write, sketch, keep a memory or two, add ephemera ~ in the mega-journal hand bound two years ago. (Note to self: Don't make a journal that big again. Ever.) There are many days I approach the journal pages with a basic plan of forming some kind of background either with paint or montage or ink sprays or texture, layer upon layer, letting it build and take form. Or not. Depends what's happening. Today, felt like a collage with random elements and paint. So I let it lead the painted Way. The image below is as far as I've gotten this fine Sunday with football running on the TV in the next room and a daughter at the table behind me. We are each in our little Art Zones. Our holy moments stolen. As always, more will be added later ~ today or during the week. Only time will tell.

Art on a Sunday . . .

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