Wednesday, January 21, 2015

hello, yoga

Simple Lotus Mandala by Dawn Zichko
The practice of asanas is like an old friend. We don't squabble or whine. We simply lose touch. Or rather, I do. I've written a few times here about my practice and what it does for me so I won't revisit that. However, as I was getting out of my head and moving my body, I got to thinking (despite the intention not to) the few wagons I'm getting back on to. Daily sitting meditation is one. Ten minutes makes it an easy commitment ~ especially when only one foot is on that proverbial wagon wheel. And when I rise from that ten-minute energetic Chill Zone, one that soothes an aura and uneasy brow, it is a marvel (every time) to feel so knitted together. As I pick up the threads of lost relations with yoga asanas, I am knitted together, but in a different way and, again, it is amazing to feel cells so happy they are singing. Why do I forget? No idea. It's a Human thing and a First World Problem.

It's been said asanas were practiced by yogis in preparation for sitting in long periods of meditation. Change "meditation" to sitting at the computer or spinning/knitting wool or napping to afternoon TV (hey, it's still winter here) and asanas find their fine use in the Everyday. These are activities that nourish a soul and feed a body ~ a fine ride to be on. Pony up.

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