Sunday, November 02, 2014

settling in

Pumpkin soup has been simmering awhile on the stove. The weather is doing what weather does this time of year ~ generally misbehaving, kicking leaves and branches around, knocking over chairs and tables left in the yard, umbrellas have gone missing . . . And why should we expect anything other than this? These are the first days of winter, darkening days, cold nights, chickens avoiding frost bite.

There are a great many things I could miss about easier weather. The long days in the yard or by the lake, grass between the toes, flowers to name a few, however, the onset of winter holds a different flavor for me. That turning in, getting cozy, times of a fireplace lit, spinning and knitting. I still manage to get outside no matter what most days to tend the flock or just to get out. Fresh air and ground 'neath the feet (despite the footwear) are an artist's soul food. A cold snap does a fine job of getting the gray cells going.

And so pumpkin soup with a dollop of sour cream sprinkled with pumpkin seeds for dinner then my attentions turn toward a more tactile creativity of spinning and knitting. (There is an awful lot of spinning to do. Grumpy bags of fleece and processed wool glare at me from a studio corner.) The knitting plan is based on this lovely pattern from Knitty. What I like about it so far is its flexibility and all based on one's gauge. Any yarn can be used for this pattern once a gauge swatch has been knit up. I rarely ever bother with gauge so this is a small challenge for me, but one I'm willing to manage as there will, hopefully, be a better fitting cardigan once done. Hand spun has been selected ~ brown alpaca and blue-green mohair blends. I'm thinking panels of alternating colors as it's a sideways knit. See how it goes. I've already done the gauge work, I think I've earned a little knitting recklessness otherwise.

Now. What is on TV tonight? I've a mind to knit!

All set to knit!

Bennie tried her hand (and feet) at weaving with the ol' LeClerc Fannie today.
She basically finished off the saori I've had on the beam for a couple of years now and is rather eager to warp the loom again.
Now, in fact.

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