Sunday, November 16, 2014


For my birthday this year, a dear friend gifted me a Frida Kahlo mirror. A lovely thing and I love Frida, but hadn't realized what use I might have for it until this past summer when I played with Lisa Cheney's The Savage Mirror in 21 Secrets. It was an interesting process, but I wasn't pleased with those initial results. That may have been due to my discomfort with drawing or photographing myself ~ a discomfort not exclusive to me. Since then, that has changed (incrementally) and I am more at home with the self portrait.

Looking at today's journal page spread I wanted to create this new face again ~ with a different mind, a new view. It is important for me to draw like me, but sometimes that requires borrowing from someone awhile. Certainly, I can't patent this process Lisa has created as my own, but I can borrow the ideas, play with them, get comfortable with them until my unique talents begin to emerge. Gotta start somewhere.

How handy to have that Frida Kahlo mirror! What I like about using this mirror is how it reduces the view of me. It is but a snippet of my face, just my eyes or only half of my visage showing. That alone reduces the anxiety of trying to sketch my own face. It's no longer My Face, but eyes, the curve of a cheek bone, hair brushed rakishly to one side. The image is reduced to shapes and lines and shadows. Safely contained in that mirrored circle.

Today's Savage Mirror Revisited felt more integrated. The journal may see more of these snippets of self in future as a result. It's all Play anyway.
My first attempt at The Savage Mirror this past summer.

The Frida Kahlo mirror and me.

And a detail.

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