Tuesday, November 18, 2014

making faces

Another day of layers and selfies. Yesterday's was created using the image I saw in the mirror. It's me and it's not me ~ and I seem to look . . . worried? Sad? The self portrait is an odd thing, broken down into parts and being objectified, but then there is something that surfaces. (Dare I say, another layer?) And so it's me and it's not me.

Today's image was drawn from a photo I cropped with a six inch circle cut out. The image was reduced to the profile ~ eyes, nose, mouth. What I get to notice when drawing from a photo are the mistakes I make. Mistakes in proportion and shape; mainly because I'd draw how I thought it looks rather than really looking. The line between the nose and upper lip is actually a little longer, for instance. What's also noticed is where I did pay attention; how the eye's color wasn't lost in shadow and the reflected light was actually a circle instead of the usual tiny dot I'd place near the pupil.

Such is the work of this God . . .

Self portraits on the layered pages.

Yesterday's worrisome look (not sure why).

Today, looking up and out ~ even though my lips are closer to my nose.

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