Wednesday, October 01, 2014

sometimes I win stuff

Through Julie Gibbons site, I won a seat in Radiant Faces hosted by Effy Wild. The teacher line-up is prodigious ~ Julie Gibbons (of course), Jane Davenport, Tamara Laporte, Dina Wakely, Joanne Sharpe to name a few. So it is a real treat to have gotten in, learn new techniques, see how others grapple the hazards of face creating, find my own way of drawing (again ~ I used to know a lot more in High School). This morning, I jumped in with both feet as soon as the course opened.

As much as I liked this image, it simply wasn't
translating well.
I started the process with one face, that of a nun standing in a convent garden gazing at a flower. (I seem to have a thing for nuns lately. I've recently finished Mary Sharatt's book on Hildegard of Bingen.) The absorbed countenance is what stopped my search as well as the hand holding the flower. However, the course is about faces not hands and as my sketching progressed, I was less and less happy with the direction it was all going.

Gibson Girls have always held a certain fascination for me. I remember copying from a book years ago (probably High School) the serene visage and seductively piled hair of many a Gibson Girl. I turned the page on the nun and started over. Rather glad I did as I am much happier with the result. All free-hand, by the way, not my usual graphite transfer.

Much happier with the Gibson Girl sketch!

The finished spread in my own style.

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