Thursday, October 09, 2014

not so pretty

There are mornings I like Morning Pages ~ there's actually some revelation that occurs. This morning, for instance I wrote about the latest visage created for Radiant Faces:

The last creation reminds me of a sketch I did in Junior High School. I was very proud of it. Oh wait, it was earlier than that: Fifth Grade, Mrs. Miller. I was proud of it until Mrs. Miller said something in response to my innocent Fifth Grade query: Isn't she pretty? No, she said. Flat and honest. Remembering that image now, I can recall that perhaps she wasn't "pretty" in that upturned nose cutesy-girl manner. Alright, she wasn't pretty, but she did have character ~ a dark dress, vaguely Victorian or Edwardian, dark ringlets on either side of this horse-faced woman's visage. I doubt I ever showed Mrs Miller my art again. What other way might she have delivered her response? I don't find her pretty, but she has interesting eyes and I like what you did with the hair. Mrs. Miller was more interested in smiting down Pride. Hence, the simple No. (I call back Pride from that experience!) The image I created with Christy Tomlinson's lesson is unusual, exotic, feminine but not girly. At first, I wasn't pleased with the results, but she is growing on me. Is she pretty? No. She is, however, fetching in her muliebrity. I find her engaging.

It is odd how this image reminds me of one created so long ago and the similarities. It's as if a drawing resurrected itself to fix a thing from that time or at least, show some new perspective in it. Not let that Inner Fifth Grader be crushed by such responses to her creations. And it shuts up my Inner Critic as well. All in all a good day.

Reinvented from a creative past.

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