Thursday, October 02, 2014

my gods are in the details

After the paint has been brushed and sprayed and dripped, once a form has emerged from the chaos, I become eager, champing at the bit, to dive deep into some tedious details. When I get to this point in a painting it's serious Slow Down Time, Kairos. I'm especially keen on adding patterns ~ lines, shapes, spirals, swirls ~ nothing big or rough. Care and precision are called for in working the Details. White or light colored paints are a favorite, sometimes even if the background colors are nearly as white or light. I want you to get real close to the canvas and really see. See the brush strokes and how imperfect they are, see how many of them make a shape . . . like cells that make up a heart or eye or brain. So. Details.

I'll often cruise TanglePatterns for inspiration. Housed in this site are links to other sites that demonstrate how Zentangles are drawn. Of course, it's a small challenge to tear myself away from the computer to actually paint. A lot of it is eye candy. I try to work from some bit of memory and only do a quick search if I'm feeling a little lost. Otherwise, time at the easel is lost.

During the Kairos time, my Muse, my Genius is there with me and when I step back from the canvas I am sometimes amazed.

A mudra with beginnings of details . . .

While playing with white paint and tangles, this gel medium transfer spent time setting on the next painting.
We hold our breath hoping for a good image . . .

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