Wednesday, September 03, 2014

day before school

The special activity before going to school, being herded from room to room, gazing longingly out windows at trees still green ~ go for a sketch crawl hike. Along the lake, over rocks and fallen trees to sit and sketch a little something nearby. Note to self: finish the watercolors on site. Memory fails painting moss. On the way back, the hike became an exercise in recording and attempting to identify plants. One of which, Woodland Nettle, was accidentally bumped into with irritating results. Then there was showing Bennie a medicine wheel created over twenty years ago. No one but me would know it was there. In fact, in "creating" it, there wasn't a rock I had to move ~ four were waiting exactly at the directional points. Though a tree had fallen over a portion of it, my daughter complimented my choice of Sacred Space. "You can hardly tell it's here," she said. I smiled. That's the point. Lesson over.

Woodland nettle (Laportea cadensis)

Round-lobed Hepatica (Hepatica americana)

Maple-leaf Viburnum (Viburnum acerifolium)

Partridgeberry (Mitchella repens)

With an oak tree in the North, a medicine wheel that had become my Sacred Space many years ago.
It was a nice visit.

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