Wednesday, September 24, 2014


One day while playing with gel medium transfer in the journal, an idea presented itself (loosely, comfortably barefooted and silent) ~ Why not include a gel medium transfer on one of the intuitive paintings? That thought entered my mind three weeks ago. I finally got around to trying the process today. A medicine wheel photo (one of my own) was chosen and printed on inkjet and then gel medium was laid down on the canvas. The inkjet image was placed face down on the gel medium area and gently rubbed down, smoothing out bubbles, but not so hard as to smoosh the medium. Now, normally, when I'm executing a gel medium transfer on paper, the pressed inkjet image can be raised almost immediately, leaving mostly image and not so much paper. However, because the canvas with acrylic paint on it is slicker, the gel medium had to be dried before removing the inkjet image. It means more paper is left behind, but it can be gently worked off, layer by layer, with water sprayed on the area to wet the pulp and rubbing away the residue. Again, not too vigorously as the image itself will be rubbed away. The result is ephemeral. For this big hand painting, it is a contrast from the bold black lines. There will be more painting happening in the next few days (barring a variety of occurrences) which means even this transfer may change drastically. We'll just have to see how the painting feels.
This hand painting received the gel medium transfer of a medicine wheel photo taken some time ago which included an egg and some oak leaves.

Some of the ephemeral details moving in closer . . .

and yet closer.
In the meantime, I needed to move this body. She had been too long languorous and sedentary ~ afternoon naps to Northern Exposure in The Cocoon, too much time at the computer, too much sitting in general. It was a time of too much Headology. Ah, so yoga asanas then a gentle walk down the hill. I was on My Road for today as suggested here by Theodora Goss. Holy, holy, holy! Healing in Nature. It is my soul's balm, soothing jagged thoughts, smoothing over the ragged emotions. Such are the things of autumn.

A perfect day for an autumnal stroll.

Hat full of sky . . .
(Hat tip to Sir Terry Pratchett.)

the "ducklings" waiting in the yard for more food . . .

and Duke showing his unfettered tail feathers.

This tree was a fine companion in a place I lived temporarily. An old beech on a historic site. I can only imagine the history she has seen. This beech was a comfort to me in hard times and now she is dying. Such are the things of autumn.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

day before school

The special activity before going to school, being herded from room to room, gazing longingly out windows at trees still green ~ go for a sketch crawl hike. Along the lake, over rocks and fallen trees to sit and sketch a little something nearby. Note to self: finish the watercolors on site. Memory fails painting moss. On the way back, the hike became an exercise in recording and attempting to identify plants. One of which, Woodland Nettle, was accidentally bumped into with irritating results. Then there was showing Bennie a medicine wheel created over twenty years ago. No one but me would know it was there. In fact, in "creating" it, there wasn't a rock I had to move ~ four were waiting exactly at the directional points. Though a tree had fallen over a portion of it, my daughter complimented my choice of Sacred Space. "You can hardly tell it's here," she said. I smiled. That's the point. Lesson over.

Woodland nettle (Laportea cadensis)

Round-lobed Hepatica (Hepatica americana)

Maple-leaf Viburnum (Viburnum acerifolium)

Partridgeberry (Mitchella repens)

With an oak tree in the North, a medicine wheel that had become my Sacred Space many years ago.
It was a nice visit.