Thursday, August 07, 2014

iconic me

An easy day all in all. Flock fed at a reasonable hour. Paperwork sorting itself out by simply not being present for most of the day. A quiet phone. A candle lit, some space smudged, create. Today's creation focused on painting another self-portrait for Spectrum. Numinous Jane's course guides one through their own journey of creating a portrait as an icon. (And this is where the gold leaf comes in.) A favorite method of "drawing" myself is to make a graphite/carbon transfer from a photo. I like drawing as much as the next drawing sort of person, but knowing my limitations and impatience, it works out better this way. Trust me. The proportions are (photographically) correct, it rather looks like me instead of a perception of me ~ once it's on the paper, I can get to the business of painting and other bits of fun. I used paper that had been craftily scorched creating an interesting effect for the image intended, painted in acrylics and then added the gold leaf before coating the background with matte medium and a little Turquoise high-flow acrylic. Having a nifty big circle punch, I created big circles from the left over paint papers, one of which wanted to be included in the image. I'm pleased with the results.

Now. Who's going to make dinner?

Porcelain skin and pearls.
Better than PhotoShopping.

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