Sunday, August 17, 2014


Knitted and waiting.
The shifting tides of creativity have taken hold. Though a paint brush may be poised over pristine paper, I can feel the pull of playing with fiber. Not so much in summer or even spring, but as end of summer glides in silent but sure, these hands want to feel a good hank of fiber becoming something else. Diving into knitting with the idea of making Nothing ~ nothing that would be worn, nothing that would be utilitarian, nothing that would normally make sense for a knitted thing ~ is a process of play. Plenty of times in creating a hanging, I'll scroll through hundreds of stitch patterns for just the right feel. Chunky, slubby yarns do fine in simple knit stitch patterns while thin-cored and halo'd yarns scream for something lacy. And I might start out with those patterns making plenty of mistakes. I let the mistakes stay. They are a part of the process. As is changing my mind about the stitch pattern. It is a liberating form of knitting because it doesn't need to be technically perfect or fit anyone. It just is.

Lyn Belisle's lovely clay faces and feathers collected.

So during my lazy prime time TV viewing, this knitted piece was started and finished. She is now stitched on to a drift wood stick and we're trying on faces. One masculine, the other feminine to represent Perkunas and Zemyna respectively. See, in this vision, I caught the tail of an idea how Earth needed (and still needs) electricity, the Zap from the Heavens, in order to create. I remember hearing of some creation story, set in a laboratory, of scientific-minded folk playing with some primordial ooze and a little electricity creating life forms. It's a creation story from my mother. (Some get The Garden of Eden, I got The Lab. It worked for my practical, heretical mind at the time.) Though I don't know how accurate the Creation Story is, it's as good as any given in any other culture at any other time. It is the inspiration for this piece and so I choose carefully. Sometimes, elements will sit for awhile, let them germinate, get to know each other, before continuing. It's where we're at right now. Which means I have time to paint!

Faces getting to know each other.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

iconic me

An easy day all in all. Flock fed at a reasonable hour. Paperwork sorting itself out by simply not being present for most of the day. A quiet phone. A candle lit, some space smudged, create. Today's creation focused on painting another self-portrait for Spectrum. Numinous Jane's course guides one through their own journey of creating a portrait as an icon. (And this is where the gold leaf comes in.) A favorite method of "drawing" myself is to make a graphite/carbon transfer from a photo. I like drawing as much as the next drawing sort of person, but knowing my limitations and impatience, it works out better this way. Trust me. The proportions are (photographically) correct, it rather looks like me instead of a perception of me ~ once it's on the paper, I can get to the business of painting and other bits of fun. I used paper that had been craftily scorched creating an interesting effect for the image intended, painted in acrylics and then added the gold leaf before coating the background with matte medium and a little Turquoise high-flow acrylic. Having a nifty big circle punch, I created big circles from the left over paint papers, one of which wanted to be included in the image. I'm pleased with the results.

Now. Who's going to make dinner?

Porcelain skin and pearls.
Better than PhotoShopping.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

gold leaf duck

Yes. The usual busy-ness has held court here, demanding too much of my time. Work around the house, managing the fowl and furred (luckily, the furred aren't so demanding at present), dispatching humans or ensuring they still have clean clothing and some decent food. Though that is less work than it used to be given the ages of our children. They know their ways around a kitchen and for that I am grateful. So. Here I am in the studio attempting to catch up on blog posts ~ getting past the personal guilt of not writing, getting on with simply writing. Even my massive missive has seen a little less action than I'd care to admit. Having recently purchased gold leaf with a deep desire to give it a whirl some day, I made today that day. The creation of this page is inspired by Effy's BOD 2014v3 with her strong focus on The Queen and Sovereignty in this session. So. Yeah. Gold leaf.

Layers of stencils from Artistcellar knocked back and homogenized with gesso, a simple ink outline, Derwent Inktense and a little collage.

Plenty of room for ruminating.
The image is borrowed from Alfred Stieglitz's photo of his wife, Georgia O'Keeffe. It felt regal to me, her hands and fingers held just so. Especially those delicate fingers which created the intense images that have held me in awe since I was younger. Simply magic. Rather than use the spray on acrylic to seal the gold leaf (which isn't really gold leaf, but some cheaper gold stuff), I brushed on matte medium for protection. It dulled the shine a little, but I can live with the results ~ better than spraying noxious fumes in my home.

And then there are the ducklings . . .