Friday, July 11, 2014

wabi sabi and self love

Things in life get used. When they do get used it shows. If that thing is used continuously despite a tear here or a crack there, but is still well-tended and loved, that is wabi sabi. A natural beauty resides in things lovingly used and not discarded. Which is why I had an idea the clay face by Lyn Belisle adhered to the cover of my burgeoning hand-bound visual journal might at some point break.

She was fixed with some quick-mending glue and then sepia paint was rubbed into the cracks giving the appearance of gentle age. Once dried and carefully covered with padding to avoid any more damage, I was ready to create the spread for Week 11 of BOD 2014 v2. (Effy is at the end of this session, but another is coming up very soon.) The theme: Self Love. A touchy subject for most. It is rare to be taught self love let alone know of it. There are very few healthy examples. And so we all flounder.

What is self love without coming off as self-centered, selfish or narcissistic? It was an interesting thing I went through deciding whether this spread would be posted in my blog or only in the class site. The class site would already accept anything I've stamped as what I love about myself because that's the point of the week's lesson. But here? A different kettle of fish. It's a little less intimate here.

So. Shift focus. I enjoyed working the blue roses in Gelatos and Inktense. The Primrose Yellow background was influenced by this photo because I love the painted background in the scene. (I also love Sherlock, but I digress.) Rather than write out my love notes, I used stamps which I might outline with gel pens while watching TV later. It is here I can focus on the simple joy of creativity.

Besides, I've got some of my own wabi sabi to lovingly tend.


Effy said...

You rock my life.

Ruth said...

Always and forever, dearest to my heart of any Sister known.

Fil said...

I love the idea of Wabi Sabi and your spread is lovely. You're right on the button that there are very few healthy examples of self love ... hopefully that's changing slowly with lovely work like yours and Effy's.