Sunday, July 13, 2014

the random task list & a sovereign selfie

What I did this weekend in no particular order . . .

meditated ten minutes (each day)
Morning Pages (each day)
tended the flock and furred (each day)
finished out some Sketchbook Skool assignments
removed portions of skull from a pair of antlers using a hugely inadequate tool to do so
made a wand
cleaned a ferret (Trust me, it was necessary.)
dishes (4 times)
took out the garbage
tended the garden
cleared a coop of rotten eggs and overly broody hen and duck
listened to various class recordings
created my image for Moonshine's July Mead Moon
napped (2 times)
tucked fowl into their coops for the night
knit socks
watched Sherlock on Netflix

So I took this random selfie and fashioned it into . . .

Saule, Lithuanian Sun Goddess.

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