Monday, July 21, 2014

salve and quiche

It is a chilly morning with the inkling of days getting shorter already ~ all too soon. The weekend was busy with the moving of the feathered. The six chicks and one Guinea Fowl chick were moved in with Snowflake outside. They need to start acclimating to weather up here if they're going to get through winter. (I don't know what I'm going to do about Brownie who is getting on in years. *sigh* I'll probably set up a dog crate for him in the sun room. Who am I kidding?) Once the initial kerfuffle settled, everyone seemed fine with each other's company. Not so much at night though. Snowflake likes having his own space in the coop. Another fowl issue to work out.

The hatching of ten ducklings also complicated things here. Of course, it wasn't a job in and of itself for the ducklings to hatch, but it means making sure they're safe and fed. Certain adjustments, like a ramp from the coop door to the ground becomes a necessity or ducklings plummet horrifically to their doom. To our astonishment, Wasabi marched them all over to the pond yesterday afternoon for a swim, only two days old. She hopped the fence while each of ducklings popped through the wire (they won't be able to do that next week). They had a lovely outing by the pond. At dusk, Bennie and I rounded them up through the gate this time and watched them all march back to the coop. The little things still have to get the hang of dealing with the ramp though.

And knowing the lawn was indeed going to be mowed spurred Bennie and me into action gathering plantain and comfrey to make salves. I'd told Bennie about the benefits of plantain ~ skin soothing for stings and small cuts. I'd told her about dealing with irritated or scratched skin while out doors by picking a leaf of plantain, chewing it (works better macerated) and then applying this crude poultice to the scratch for relief on the spot. She had more of an interest in making the salve (ever the Virgo), so I found this quick recipe and gathered what we needed. I decided to make the comfrey while we were at it. All in all, a satisfying endeavor.

Having too many eggs to count means making quiche. Making salves in the kitchen had us on a roll so we made a couple of turkey egg, onion, broccoli and Swiss cheese quiches. I like quiche. It's breakfast in a crust. Sticks to the ribs before going out to tend the flock or weed the garden.

Comfrey and plantain gathered.

I chopped my comfrey and packed it into the jar, then olive oil was added.

Bennie chopped the plantain in the same manner.

And here they sit in a crock pot bath over night.

The weekend ended with me making a mess in the studio.

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Ruth said...

I love your fowl tales. Ah, feathered babies. They grow up so fast.

Good plan on making salves. If I had half a brain, I'd be making some plaintain salve myself. At least that grows in our wee yard. I'd never thought about chewing a leaf before applying it - just usually scrunch it up to release the juice, the daub it on. You're so smart.