Monday, July 28, 2014


A fine word for simply paying attention, watching, observing the change that goes on every moment of every day. In Gaian Soul Grove's Seasonal Practices for Lammas, Joanna Powell Colbert talked about keeping a journal handy at a favorite window for this daily practice of phenology. She's not keen on the word itself, but I rather like it. Phenology. Rolls off the tongue and on to the page in sunbeams, raindrops, greening trees, the blooming of flowers. Bennie jumped at the opportunity to bind another journal so she created our very own Phenology tome from watercolor paper, fabric and linen thread. Now anyone, family or friend, is welcome to note their observations here. Sunrise and set, the moon's phase, weather, temperature, visiting birds or other animals all waiting to be included in our journal.

And then there's my interior phenology. What changes do I notice in my inner environment? My role as a mother changing ~ watching grown humans have a go at Life ~ with bated breath. Pulling at threads of new identities, the Croning Lover, the Quiet Artist. Testing out those waters of self-sovereignty through art and writing and action. (Ah, yes! Effy's class is up for BOD 2014.) The study of those observations are kept in another journal, of course. One packed with words, images and ephemera. Where have I been and what was the emotional weather? What parts of Self are blooming? What is passing away? More than just navel gazing ~ Self as art form. I'm constantly erased and redrawn.

Colored pens and a Phrenology journal at the ready.
Bennie already noted a sun shower in the West for this afternoon.

What do you see?

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