Monday, June 02, 2014

root of contention

A transplanted, caged little tree saved from the side of the road 2 years ago.
We have few arguments. Planting what where seems to be a thing that occurs though . . . getting a willow tree was a small battle last summer. It's doing well, thanks for asking. And that's because a good spot was chosen for it. As we were planting lavender and roses, the question of where to move a tiny pine tree saved from the side of the road two years ago came up. The Man scanned the horizon finding the perfect spot, but decided that since the tree was doing so well where it was, it could stay where it was. No. In no time, the tree would shade my roses and lavender. Besides, the placement of said tree was meant to be temporary ~ until it found its feet, so to speak.

The sun was shining on a perfect spot, one I noticed as the horizon was being scanned. I decided to move the little tree there this morning ~ while the Man was at work. Just in time. The roots were established, but manageable. We'll see how it goes.

The rest of the day saw me spinning by the garden and Bennie enjoying a quiet sick day, also by the garden, reading and sketching.

Spinning Cormo.

Backyard oasis relaxation.

Duke and Hot Chocolate enjoying the sun.

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Mike said...

Looks like a very peaceful spot you have there..