Friday, June 13, 2014

painting fast

Things happening quickly here today.
Strawberry Moon in June ~ means painting fast and soon. Hey, it rhymes and I've little pride in this arena. Tangie Baxter has this Fangirl thing going. A small quick mixed-media project for a fan of delightful TV shows, books, music or movies. I've chosen Northern Exposure, Bennie Harry Potter. So that initiated some quick painting for the day. Including a secret project that will remain secret.

There was a lovely walk to the lake for some feet dangling at the dam. Bennie was angling for dragonflies, keeping her finger aloft for any that would care to rest.

The lake, just right.

Bennie hanging a finger out for dragonflies.

And then we picked up our chicks.
Dirk holding a chick I suspect is a bit rooster-ish already.
Time and one good crow will tell.

More extreme cuteness.

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Ashling said...

Definitely extreme cuteness...