Thursday, June 26, 2014

inner child and the fangirl

Summer vacation has begun for the household. Someone turned 21. Another someone graduated High School. The last someone is glad for school to be done so we can spend time in the studio, the Backyard Oasis or the lake. Included in that last someone's plans are yoga (at least once a week), hiking (ditto on the time frame) or walking daily. I can feel my personal daily planner (if I had one) ready to burst at the thought of scheduling anything. These are good plans though ~ so, we'll see where it goes.

The lake has been a delicious retreat after managing hearth and coop. Even more delicious after paperwork and painting. I'm not huge on swimming, but I'll bob with a styrofoam floaty noodle ~ just drifting on the current, marveling at sky and mountain, enjoying the calm surface. Being in the lake is a great source of rejuvenation for me. It's early in the summer vacation, but there are also plans for a day at the gazebo with watercolors and pens and a packed lunch.

Today was spent getting more Fangirl fun done. Bennie has been involved in deeply detailed collage work while I've been ripping and tearing and making a general mess. My other project is playing with Numinous Jane's offering through 21 Secrets where one spends time with one's Inner Child. I found photos of me as a child and am now playing with the ways they can be incorporated into the altered book journal spread painted earlier. Then I will have a conversation with these images, these little people that are me.

My Northern Exposure Fangirl and Bennie's Harry Potter Fangirl.

Putting the elements of a childhood together.

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