Sunday, June 01, 2014

finding delight

A delightful morning at the work table.
I am a simple person. Not a put her in a corner with tinfoil sort of simple, but the kind that finds delight in simplicity. As mentioned a number of times here, I often am the one who feeds the flock in the morning. It is a happy moment to see the broodiness of the turkey hens finally dispelled as they run and flap their wings over the lawn. There were no viable eggs which made the coop clean-up the antithesis of delight, but it's a pleasure to see the feathered dance and glide o'er the green after being, literally, cooped up for so long.

It was equally delightful to see Honey, the currently broody duck, come out to stretch her little legs and webbed feet for some food and a quick bath in the drinking water (Rusty, the bantam rooster, isn't keen on this behavior ~ it means dirty drinking water once she's done). We have small conversations, Honey and I, she peeps and squeaks at me about things I don't understand and I respond with a gentle, I know, Dear. Then we go our separate ways for the day. She to her nest, me to the studio.

Mushrooms are not something I think about unless sautéed in butter and added to a fine cream sauce. (Add beef and noodles and you've got a meal!) However, in playing with Ardith Goodwin's offering in 21 Secrets a new fascination has, well, spored within me. It isn't really mushroom season here (I guess ~ I haven't seen any around), so an image search on the web provided more than enough inspiration. There was one photo that really captured my imagination, reminding of a small, cozy hut and a great buttressed cathedral all at once. What would it be like to spend time in a mushroom room? What Gods could we invoke? The really fun bit was adding glow-in-dark paint to the piece. Which, sadly, doesn't photograph well given my photographic limitations and expertise, but it was delightful and relaxing and inspiring.

Now. Where can I find more mushrooms?

Cozy hut or grand cathedral? Where do you wanna be in this moment?
photo found here

The happy, illuminated results in daylight. I am full.

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