Tuesday, June 10, 2014

energized revisited

In 21 Secrets (Spring ~ there is a Fall one happening soon), DeAnne Olguin Williamson's offering of Soulidarity had me remembering a fine time in life ~ double income, no children, taking care of only myself and my beloved, going places, doing things. The natural progression toward raising a family harbors no regrets. I'm glad to be in this time as well as remembering that time before. The memories have different flavors, this Now being very distinct, the past only holding the most flavorful moments, good and bad.

For this journal journey I wanted to recapture that energized thing them youthful folk do. Burning candles at both ends, staying out late yet still getting up early to work, inviting three whole rotating tables-full of strangers to a wedding in McSorley's (when it was still McSorley's) . . . It was my goal during the U2's Joshua Tree Tour to get on stage. The first night we saw them in New Haven (a co-worker sold me her pair of tickets, couldn't go that night, one of my crazier purchases), up behind the stage and watching Bono wave some little waif up onto the stage, well, as far as I was concerned, I had a goal for the rest of the tour.

Finally, in nineteen eighty something, late in the year, the night was right for some stage-hopping success. A limo was rented for our party of five. We were front row. Again. (I did mention we were DINC's.) I had my Martin Luther King banner all set. John had Abolish Apartheid on an image of Africa. Good to go, band playing, girl gets on stage with harmonica, Dirk photographs girl with harmonica on stage and finally we get to the song which cues every living female in the place that someone else will get on stage, Bad. Bono had already taken my MLK banner (probably more so we wouldn't be a pain in the ass to the people behind us holding it up) so I was left holding John's Africa banner with his sister, Patty, both of us eager to get up there under the bright lights. Seeing that Bono was considering it, I shouted, C'mon! Let me up! (All manner of lady like decorum left the Madison Square Garden at that point.) And so we were invited up. Bono took my hand to help me up, but then asked, Are you going to be cool? Well, yeah! I'm on stage, aren't I?

So that was my two minutes of fame. Unrecorded as Dirk had taken all the photos of the Harmonica Girl before me. No matter, the gray cells are still working. And so the Man and I continued to follow U2 in our area and even made it out to Sun Devil Stadium for a portion of that Rattle and Hum filming. Glad I did all that then. There is no way I'm capable of doing it now. I rather like my creature comforts. Like a full night's sleep.
A journal page recapturing that sense of Energized.

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Ruth said...

I knew that Dirk was a hardcore U2 fan, but didn't know that you were, too. Wowza. That's some splendid memory.

TINC. I'm unfamiliar with that as I never seemed to find a mate who'd work steadily prior to Evan's arrival, and now I'm the one being taken care of (plus kids on both sides).

I wish I'd done more with my life when I was younger. I spent so much time just trying to keep a roof over my head that the years got away from me. And now, well, there are so many things I can't physically do. My soul yearns to ski again, but my body knows better. Ditto kayaking or white water rafting.

When did regret creep into my life?