Saturday, June 28, 2014

bring it outside

Another fine summer day on the mountain. After feeding the furred and feathered, as well as ourselves, Bennie and I hauled out the paints, canvas, journal projects, brushes, phones and music for some outdoor studio time. And we were at the table all day . . . until dinner.
Paints and Spectrum journal ready for creating and musing.

Bennie's intuitive painting progress.

Some Day-lily life sketching.
It was a lovely day. We're knackered from all the creative buzzing and fresh air ~ a swim in the lake adds to the deep calm. Chamomile tea and knitting tonight.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

inner child and the fangirl

Summer vacation has begun for the household. Someone turned 21. Another someone graduated High School. The last someone is glad for school to be done so we can spend time in the studio, the Backyard Oasis or the lake. Included in that last someone's plans are yoga (at least once a week), hiking (ditto on the time frame) or walking daily. I can feel my personal daily planner (if I had one) ready to burst at the thought of scheduling anything. These are good plans though ~ so, we'll see where it goes.

The lake has been a delicious retreat after managing hearth and coop. Even more delicious after paperwork and painting. I'm not huge on swimming, but I'll bob with a styrofoam floaty noodle ~ just drifting on the current, marveling at sky and mountain, enjoying the calm surface. Being in the lake is a great source of rejuvenation for me. It's early in the summer vacation, but there are also plans for a day at the gazebo with watercolors and pens and a packed lunch.

Today was spent getting more Fangirl fun done. Bennie has been involved in deeply detailed collage work while I've been ripping and tearing and making a general mess. My other project is playing with Numinous Jane's offering through 21 Secrets where one spends time with one's Inner Child. I found photos of me as a child and am now playing with the ways they can be incorporated into the altered book journal spread painted earlier. Then I will have a conversation with these images, these little people that are me.

My Northern Exposure Fangirl and Bennie's Harry Potter Fangirl.

Putting the elements of a childhood together.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

waste not

When there's paint left on the palette, it gets used somehow even if only on cheap watercolor paper to be used somewhere else ~ another journal page, creating a book or backgrounds for collage. In squiggling paint lines on three watercolor papers that had black paint rolled onto it, I decided to let that squiggle energy go to the journal spread. Over the random desktop collage (images found, literally, laying around on my work table), in and around other paint strokes. After another layer of collage with the finishing touch of matte medium mixed with a hint of Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold, which pulled all the elements together nicely, the spread was perfect for writing with a dip pen.
Sometimes, an artist's inspiration is found in playing with the scraps.

Taking that Squiggle Energy to the next level.

Elements grounded in Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold and ready for ruminations and illuminations.

Friday, June 13, 2014

painting fast

Things happening quickly here today.
Strawberry Moon in June ~ means painting fast and soon. Hey, it rhymes and I've little pride in this arena. Tangie Baxter has this Fangirl thing going. A small quick mixed-media project for a fan of delightful TV shows, books, music or movies. I've chosen Northern Exposure, Bennie Harry Potter. So that initiated some quick painting for the day. Including a secret project that will remain secret.

There was a lovely walk to the lake for some feet dangling at the dam. Bennie was angling for dragonflies, keeping her finger aloft for any that would care to rest.

The lake, just right.

Bennie hanging a finger out for dragonflies.

And then we picked up our chicks.
Dirk holding a chick I suspect is a bit rooster-ish already.
Time and one good crow will tell.

More extreme cuteness.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

energized revisited

In 21 Secrets (Spring ~ there is a Fall one happening soon), DeAnne Olguin Williamson's offering of Soulidarity had me remembering a fine time in life ~ double income, no children, taking care of only myself and my beloved, going places, doing things. The natural progression toward raising a family harbors no regrets. I'm glad to be in this time as well as remembering that time before. The memories have different flavors, this Now being very distinct, the past only holding the most flavorful moments, good and bad.

For this journal journey I wanted to recapture that energized thing them youthful folk do. Burning candles at both ends, staying out late yet still getting up early to work, inviting three whole rotating tables-full of strangers to a wedding in McSorley's (when it was still McSorley's) . . . It was my goal during the U2's Joshua Tree Tour to get on stage. The first night we saw them in New Haven (a co-worker sold me her pair of tickets, couldn't go that night, one of my crazier purchases), up behind the stage and watching Bono wave some little waif up onto the stage, well, as far as I was concerned, I had a goal for the rest of the tour.

Finally, in nineteen eighty something, late in the year, the night was right for some stage-hopping success. A limo was rented for our party of five. We were front row. Again. (I did mention we were DINC's.) I had my Martin Luther King banner all set. John had Abolish Apartheid on an image of Africa. Good to go, band playing, girl gets on stage with harmonica, Dirk photographs girl with harmonica on stage and finally we get to the song which cues every living female in the place that someone else will get on stage, Bad. Bono had already taken my MLK banner (probably more so we wouldn't be a pain in the ass to the people behind us holding it up) so I was left holding John's Africa banner with his sister, Patty, both of us eager to get up there under the bright lights. Seeing that Bono was considering it, I shouted, C'mon! Let me up! (All manner of lady like decorum left the Madison Square Garden at that point.) And so we were invited up. Bono took my hand to help me up, but then asked, Are you going to be cool? Well, yeah! I'm on stage, aren't I?

So that was my two minutes of fame. Unrecorded as Dirk had taken all the photos of the Harmonica Girl before me. No matter, the gray cells are still working. And so the Man and I continued to follow U2 in our area and even made it out to Sun Devil Stadium for a portion of that Rattle and Hum filming. Glad I did all that then. There is no way I'm capable of doing it now. I rather like my creature comforts. Like a full night's sleep.
A journal page recapturing that sense of Energized.

Monday, June 02, 2014

root of contention

A transplanted, caged little tree saved from the side of the road 2 years ago.
We have few arguments. Planting what where seems to be a thing that occurs though . . . getting a willow tree was a small battle last summer. It's doing well, thanks for asking. And that's because a good spot was chosen for it. As we were planting lavender and roses, the question of where to move a tiny pine tree saved from the side of the road two years ago came up. The Man scanned the horizon finding the perfect spot, but decided that since the tree was doing so well where it was, it could stay where it was. No. In no time, the tree would shade my roses and lavender. Besides, the placement of said tree was meant to be temporary ~ until it found its feet, so to speak.

The sun was shining on a perfect spot, one I noticed as the horizon was being scanned. I decided to move the little tree there this morning ~ while the Man was at work. Just in time. The roots were established, but manageable. We'll see how it goes.

The rest of the day saw me spinning by the garden and Bennie enjoying a quiet sick day, also by the garden, reading and sketching.

Spinning Cormo.

Backyard oasis relaxation.

Duke and Hot Chocolate enjoying the sun.

Sunday, June 01, 2014

finding delight

A delightful morning at the work table.
I am a simple person. Not a put her in a corner with tinfoil sort of simple, but the kind that finds delight in simplicity. As mentioned a number of times here, I often am the one who feeds the flock in the morning. It is a happy moment to see the broodiness of the turkey hens finally dispelled as they run and flap their wings over the lawn. There were no viable eggs which made the coop clean-up the antithesis of delight, but it's a pleasure to see the feathered dance and glide o'er the green after being, literally, cooped up for so long.

It was equally delightful to see Honey, the currently broody duck, come out to stretch her little legs and webbed feet for some food and a quick bath in the drinking water (Rusty, the bantam rooster, isn't keen on this behavior ~ it means dirty drinking water once she's done). We have small conversations, Honey and I, she peeps and squeaks at me about things I don't understand and I respond with a gentle, I know, Dear. Then we go our separate ways for the day. She to her nest, me to the studio.

Mushrooms are not something I think about unless sautéed in butter and added to a fine cream sauce. (Add beef and noodles and you've got a meal!) However, in playing with Ardith Goodwin's offering in 21 Secrets a new fascination has, well, spored within me. It isn't really mushroom season here (I guess ~ I haven't seen any around), so an image search on the web provided more than enough inspiration. There was one photo that really captured my imagination, reminding of a small, cozy hut and a great buttressed cathedral all at once. What would it be like to spend time in a mushroom room? What Gods could we invoke? The really fun bit was adding glow-in-dark paint to the piece. Which, sadly, doesn't photograph well given my photographic limitations and expertise, but it was delightful and relaxing and inspiring.

Now. Where can I find more mushrooms?

Cozy hut or grand cathedral? Where do you wanna be in this moment?
photo found here

The happy, illuminated results in daylight. I am full.