Friday, May 23, 2014

toe nails

A colorful day despite the rain.

It was pedicure day. Which is an odd way to begin a blog or the day or anything for that matter, but there it is. Pedicures for Bennie and me. All in preparation for a large family function occurring Sunday. Though I doubt our toes will feature in any party conversation, they are at the ready should words trip onto nail polish color ~ of which five were chosen. Life is too short for only one nail polish color. Besides, it gives the salon techs an interesting challenge. I let them have free creative reign knowing they deal with, literally, monotonous people more often than not.

The rest of the day saw an unprecedented amount of lost time in the studio for both of us. I was delighted to find two (2) excellent, full-length shows on YouTube, Sherlock, Season 3 and Slings and Arrows. As episodes one and two of Sherlock rolled on, I played with Tangie Baxter's As If By Magic online workshop and Bennie joined in, binding her own booklet. The morning's run-around frenzy melted away with every snipped image, application of ModPodge and adhered ephemera. A mere three hours of bliss. So much better than the foot massage had earlier. So. The toes look nifty and I got art done. Life is good.

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Ashling said...

Nothing like nourishing body and sole, er....soul!