Friday, May 09, 2014


Creating on a dreary day. It's getting green out there, though.
Ah, the dreary day! The flock fed and organized quickly between down pours and then . . . stuff to do. Obligations were plowed through and gotten out of the way (including laundry) so I could sit down to Sketchbook Skool and 21 Secrets. I've also set aside my uber-huge visual journal to play with the Trash Journal made from Effy's offering at 21 Secrets. Well, that was until today when I created some personal symbols as offered by Julie Gibbons in the same program.

Symbology and tattoos.
It's been a dancing around sort of activity in my creative life. Picking up one thing for awhile, then switching it out for another because the paint needs to dry or I'm interrupted and lost the thread of that creative endeavor or I'm just bored. Keeping some kind of momentum today, on this dreary day (and that's why they're the best), fueled all manner of painting and sketching with a smattering of organization.

Later, after dinner (but before Grimm), there will be some collage explorations for Finding Gypsy. Cat Caracelo is now selling these nifty card sets to create mixed media images on for exploration and process. It's nice to have a card ready to go for quick-fire creating. Cat offers two shapes, the round Spiral Path cards and the rectangular Spectrum Cards. At first, I didn't want to ruin the cards ~ which is kind of silly since that's what they're for. Well, not ruining, but painting, drawing, gluing on. I had to get past that preciousness of a thing in order to create on it as intended. Once done, the card became more precious because it became mine.

A completed Spiral Path card.

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Elvina Dulac said...

Wow, loving the personal symbol and what a course 21 secrets looks amazing and something I would love to do!