Friday, May 16, 2014

some art mojo

Emerald green outside the studio window on this rainy day.
Been quiet around here lately. In the studio, I mean. Life outside this space has been careening at insane speeds with little hope of slowing down until . . . midsummer? Ah, but let's not speculate or dwell on some future vacation spot. We are here in this moment and it's not too shabby.

Thanks to some things learned from Flora Bowley, I begin paintings in a fun, noncommittal manner. Which is what I've done on yet another dreary day. Down on the floor. Water. Fluid acrylics. Fingers and gravity. My paintings may begin with a chaotic caterwaul, but they evolve, refine themselves like pink ladies at the ball ~ sort of. That evolution takes time. Time is often the reason I spend more of it creating journal pages or ripped collages. There are days, more often than not, I seem to only have time for the quick-fire creation. Better that than nothing.

There are, however, sometimes when an artist's soul needs more than the ripped paper or pencil sketch. Then the canvases are hauled out along with paints and brushes. Sometimes there are photos to grid out for sketching onto the canvas or there is a still life waiting or it's all about the feeling, man and those are hauled out too. I aim for minimal preparations. Bennie has, as of late, planned and completed her mighty works from photo to canvas over days to weeks with wonderful results. Either way sets the artist on their way, that tiny journey of creation.

Today's Trash Journal spread on the table.

Starting with some blues and greens here . . .

and on this smaller canvas, magenta, yellow and orange.

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